The History of the Indonusa Polytechnic of Surakarta

Indonusa Surakarta was founded by the Indonesia Membangun Surakarta Foundation based on a Notary deed: Wati Andini, SH, No. 05 On 17 October 2001 and the deed of change in Mrs. Nurnijati, SH. No.40 April 26, 2007. The idea for the establishment of the Polytechnic Indonusa Surakarta has been raised since 1999, but due to limitations, especially funding, the pioneering of this Polytechnic could not be realized. It was only in December 2001 that the Indonesian Foundation Builds intensively prepared a proposal for the establishment of the Polytechnic Indonusa Surakarta. After starting step by step starting in 2002, the Indonusa Polytechnic of Surakarta was established based on the Decree of the Minister of National Education No: 158 / D / O / 2002 dated August 2, 2002. Currently managing 6 (six) study programs namely Diploma 3 Information System Study Program, D3 Automotive Technology, D3 Mass Communication, D3 Hospitality, D3 Pharmacy and Applied Bachelor of Health Information Management. All study programs have been accredited by BAN-PT, and accredited B for Higher Education.

Polytechnic Indonusa Surakarta is trying to answer the challenges of the times to prepare qualified Human Resources (HR) who have comparative advantages and have special competencies. Besides that, Polytechnic Indonusa Surakarta will always improve the quality of education that has been managed. Future circumstances are difficult to predict, however it can be ascertained that science and technology will develop rapidly and become the main source of economic growth or even progress in people's lives in most countries in the world. Thus it can be concluded that the important role of higher education is in producing reliable, highly skilled professionals who can increase productivity and be efficient so that the industry can be highly competitive.

In connection with this, the Indonesia Membangun Surakarta Foundation encourages participation in producing graduates / professionals, proficient in their respective fields of competence and absorbed in the World of Work and Industry.