Politeknik Indonusa Surakarta Organizes Al-Qur’an Completion and Iftar Gathering

Politeknik Indonusa Surakarta Organizes Al-Qur’an Completion and Iftar Gathering

Solo – Politeknik Indonusa Surakarta is organizing a Quran Completion and Iftar Gathering during the month of Ramadan 1444 H, which will be held at Hotel Solo Grand City. The event will be attended by Ustadz Dorotun Nasihin as the speaker and also to accompany the Quran completion.

Quran Completion is the activity of reciting the Quran starting from Surah Al-Fatihah to Surah An-Nas (114 surahs). It can be done sequentially, starting from Juz 1 to Juz 30, or it can be done simultaneously, where the 30 juz are divided according to the number of participants. The Quran Completion, which starts at 3:00 PM (WIB), will be held in the meeting room of Hotel Solo Grand City. The event will be attended by the entire academic community of Politeknik Indonusa Surakarta. The activity begins with each participant completing the recitation of the verses of the Holy Quran according to their respective sequence list. After that, the activity continues with the collective recitation of Juz 30 together with Ustadz Dorotun Nasihin until the last surah, followed by a group prayer and a sermon (kultum).

Khataman Al-Qur'an dan Buka Puasa Bersama

Next, the activity continues with a presentation by the Solo Peduli Charity and Zakat Body. Solo Peduli is a non-profit organization owned by the community of Soloraya, specifically, and the Indonesian society in general. Solo Peduli is dedicated to promoting the values of compassion in society, particularly towards the underprivileged (poor) individuals. This compassion is raised through ZISWAF funds (Zakat, Infaq, Sadaqah, Waqf, and other lawful and legal social funds, from individuals, companies/institutions), which are then implemented in innovative and solution-oriented social programs according to the needs of the community.

Towards the time of iftar, the participants are asked to go to the 4th floor or rooftop to break their fast together there. The event can be concluded around 7:00 PM with a group photo session on the rooftop of Hotel Solo Grand City. Apart from the academic community, this event will also be attended by adjunct lecturers and practitioner lecturers of Politeknik Indonusa Surakarta. Thus, this activity can be conducted solemnly and instill a sense of love for the Quran in all individuals. For information about new student registration at Politeknik Indonusa Surakarta, you can visit the following link: https://spmb.poltekindonusa.ac.id.