Indonusa Polytechnic of Surakarta Comparative Study to Thailand

Indonusa Polytechnic of Surakarta Comparative Study to Thailand

Lecturers and Educators of the Indonusa Polytechnic of Surakarta Campus Visit at Huachiew Chalerniprakiet University Thailand

In developing global insight, Indonusa Polytechnic of Surakarta sends lecturers and education staff for a comparative study (campus visit) in Thailand, namely to Chalerniprakiet Huachiew University, and various other places. The group departed from Solo City on September 4, 2022 via Adi Sumarmo Surakarta airport. The group consists of 12 people. The group also participated in the Head of the Mass Communications Study Program, Head of the Automotive Technology Study Program, and the Head of Information Systems Study Program. In addition, the education staff such as finance and public relations also joined in to see and learn about governance at the destination campus.

The first day of the comparative study, the group visited Erawade, the center of traditional Thai medicine. This visit is to add insight for pharmaceutical study programs about traditional medicine. The visit was beneficial for the pharmaceutical study program of the Indonusa Polytechnic Surakarta because the study program was also focused on traditional medicine so that it was expected to be able to work together for collaboration in the manufacture of traditional medicine.

The next day, the group visited Nongnooch Pattaya Garden Thailand to gain insight into Thai culture and the technology applied in the botanical garden. The botanical garden applies a lot of knowledge that can be imitated by colleagues in the implementation of automatic technology in everyday life.

Next, the group visited Asiatiq to see creations and parks in Bangkok that are able to bring in foreign tourists. The visit can add knowledge to the Hospitality Study Program in managing and preparing the needs of tourists so that they want to stop at these tourist attractions. This activity is also relevant to the hospitality study program which is assisting tourist villages to be able to survive and develop into domestic and international tourist attractions.

The comparative study activity (campus visit) lasted for 4 days, and the group of lecturers and staff of the Indonusa Polytechnic just returned to Indonesia on September 8 through Donmueang International Airport at 00.30 and arrived in Solo at 11.00 West Indonesia Time.

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